lg washer making noise during spin cycle

4 Reasons Your LG Washer Is Loud During Spin Cycle



When a washer’s typical sounds are quiet enough to be background noise, banging, rattling, or grinding seem that much louder. Why is my LG washer making noise during spin cycle? A cracked drive belt often produces squeaking sounds. The belt should be replaced before it breaks completely, leaving the washtub unable to spin. Troubleshoot common reasons your LG washer is loud during spin cycle and how to solve the problem.

LG Washer is Loud During Spin Cycle? Here’s How to Find the Source of the Noise

Pinpointing why an LG washer is loud during spin cycle can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. But certain sounds usually indicate specific malfunctions. We’ll list the most common reasons for loud spin cycle sounds, the type of noise they make, and the right solution.

1. Broken Tub Bearing

A washer has at least one bearing on the outer tub to help the entire tub assembly spin smoothly. While the bearing is protected by a tub seal, this seal can break down from repeated exposure to detergent and water. When this happens, water and detergent can cause the bearing’s rubber exterior to wear out, leaving the bearing subject to rust and cracks. This usually results in a washing machine making grinding noise during agitation.

If inspection of the tub bearing shows visible wear and tear or damage, it needs to be replaced. Replacement usually includes replacement of the tub seal or, depending on your model washer, the entire outer tub assembly. Consequently, we recommend that a professional service assess and replace a broken tub bearing.

2. Cracked Drive Belt

Are squeaking sounds the reason your LG washer is loud during spin cycle? Squeaks are usually due to a cracked drive belt. This belt is made of rubber and connects the drive motor to the wash tub, enabling it to spin from the motor’s power. Over time, the belt’s rubber can wear and crack, creating squeaking sounds as the tub rotates.

Inspect the drive belt for cracks or other damage. A damaged drive belt should be replaced before it breaks completely and the wash tub is unable to spin at all. 

lg washer is loud during spin cycle

3. Damaged Shock Absorbers

A front-loading LG washer banging during wash cycle could have damaged shock absorbers. These components are attached to the outer washer tub and the base of the washer cabinet, reducing movement and vibration. If one or both of the shock absorbers breaks or cracks, the wash tub may bang against the cabinet while in motion. 

Damaged shock absorbers cannot be repaired and require replacement. Even if just one is damaged, it’s best to replace both at the same time.

4. Worn-Out Suspension Rods

Worn-out suspension rods are often responsible for a top load washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle. Like the shock absorbers on front-loading machines, suspension rods help center the wash tub, reducing vibrations, friction and banging. If they wear out or become misplaced, the washer can make loud noises when the tub is in motion.

Inspect the suspension rods to make sure they’re positioned correctly, with no signs of damage or wear and tear. Damaged suspension rods are not repairable and must be replaced.

When you need a washing machine repair service, AlphaTek Appliance Repair can help. Call us when your LG washer is loud during spin cycle or for any laundry appliance repair.