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Why Is My Bosch Washing Machine Not Starting?



While a washer that doesn’t start may need a repair, in most cases, a DIY fix solves the problem. Why is my Bosch washing machine not starting? An activated child lock feature is one of the most common reasons. Try these Bosch washing machine troubleshooting tips to ensure it starts on command.

5 Reasons for a Bosch Washing Machine Not Starting

Power issues or the wrong settings are two possible reasons for a Bosch washing machine not starting, requiring just a quick adjustment. Here’s how to get to the bottom of starting issues with the most likely causes.

1. Washing Machine Not Getting Power

When assessing a Bosch washer not starting, first check its power sources. Without consistent and adequate electricity, the washer won’t start. If the display panel doesn’t illuminate and none of the buttons are responding, the washer is likely not getting power.

Make sure the power cord is properly plugged into a functioning outlet and is free of damage. Avoid using extension cords that can’t reliably transmit the voltage required, causing surges that interrupt power. Lastly, check your home’s circuit breaker box for tripped breakers and reset them, if necessary.

bosch washer won't start

2. Need to Turn Off Washer Child Lock

In many cases, a Bosch washer won’t start because the Child Lock feature is engaged. This feature locks all control panel buttons, including Start, to prevent accidental use. Once enabled, the letters “CL” or a key symbol illuminate on the washer’s display.

The process for turning off the Bosch washer Child Lock varies depending on your model washing machine. Consult your user manual to determine the right process for your washer. Holding down a particular button or series of buttons for 3 seconds typically disengages the feature and unlocks the control panel. You’ll know the Child Lock feature is off when the letters “CL” or the key symbol disappear from the display.

3. Washing Machine Door Not Latched Shut

As a safety precaution, and to prevent leaks, a Bosch washing machine won’t turn on until the door is completely shut and latched. Always push the door closed until you hear an audible click, indicating that the latch is engaged. Once enabled, the latch signals the door switch to prompt the start of a wash cycle.

If you don’t hear the latch click when closing the door, check for the following:

  • Trapped clothing: Items trapped in the door opening can prevent the door from closing properly. Check for trapped clothes and reposition them inside the washer tub. 
  • Debris: Mold, mildew or detergent buildup can accumulate in the rubber door seal and also prevent proper closure. Most washer cleaning tips recommend regular door seal cleanings to ensure that it works properly. 
  • Damage: If the latch still won’t engage, it may be damaged and should be assessed by a professional service.
bosch washing machine won't turn on

4. Check Wash Cycle Settings

Before starting your washer, check the control panel to make sure your desired setting is selected. When the Time Delay feature is enabled, the start of the wash cycle is delayed to a preset later time. Meanwhile, if an error code is displayed, a potential malfunction may be preventing a cycle from starting. Consult your user manual to determine how to disable Time Delay and decipher error codes.

Is your Bosch washing machine start button flashing? It may not have been pushed correctly, preventing a cycle from starting. Always hold the Start button down for 1-2 seconds to start a wash cycle.

5. Broken Washing Machine Parts

If you still find your Bosch washing machine not starting after trying the above tips, a part failure may be responsible.

The following parts prevent the washer from starting when they break, requiring a professional washing machine repair:

  • Line fuse: The line fuse blows when the washer circuits overload, however it can also blow if faulty. In either case, the fuse can’t be repaired and must be replaced. A professional service should assess the washer circuits before replacing the fuse.
  • Display board: If one or more buttons on the display panel doesn’t illuminate or respond to commands the board may be faulty and must be replaced.
  • Timer: When the timer breaks, voltage won’t be sent to the appropriate washer function at the right time. This can prevent it from starting, draining or spinning.

The technicians at C&J Appliance Service can fix a Bosch washing machine not starting or address any other concerns. Schedule your repair with us today!