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Why Your Bosch Washer Smells Bad and How to Clean It



While freshly-washed clothes may appear clean, a bad-smelling washer makes them seem dirty again. Are front-loading odors making you wonder, “How do I get my front load washer to stop smelling?” Cleaning the gasket and washer drum with the right techniques and supplies can banish bad smells. Learn why your Bosch washer smells bad and how the correct cleaning methods can get rid of odor.

Obliterating Odor When Your Bosch Washer Smells Bad

Simply running another wash cycle or adding more detergent won’t eliminate odor when your Bosch washer smells bad. In fact, using more detergent can even make it worse. We’ll detail how to clean your front load washer but, first, we’ll answer, “Why does my Bosch washing machine stink?”

Why Does My Bosch Washing Machine Stink?

Front load washers use less water than top-loading machines, saving money and resources. But less water also means dirt, suds and residue can be left behind in the wash tub. Your Bosch washing machine smells like mildew as these byproducts develop mold in the washer’s warm, damp interior.

These factors also contribute to Bosch front load washer odor:

  • Lack of regular cleaning
  • Adding too much detergent
  • Using non-HE detergent in an HE washer
  • Consistent use of low water temperatures

The best way to clean a front load washer, eliminating odor, is to regularly wash the gasket and tub with the following tips.

How to Clean Washer Door Seal

The rubber seal around a front-load washer door can be a catchall for dirt and detergent, making it a primary source when your Bosch washer smells bad. Regular cleaning of the door deal can eliminate odor and prevent its return.

Here’s how to clean a Bosch washing machine door seal:

  1. Open the washer door and peel back the rubber seal to access the inside.
  2. Remove any visible objects like hair, coins or buttons.
  3. Spray the seal’s interior with hot, soapy water or a mildew cleaner.
  4. Wipe the cleaner away with a clean cloth or paper towel
  5. If black, moldy spots remain, scrub them with a toothbrush dipped in a 10% bleach solution. A solution of equal parts vinegar and water is also effective.
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How to Clean Bosch Washing Machine Drum

The washer drum also harbors mold and mildew from dirt and residue that doesn’t get rinsed away. Regular cleaning of the washer drum can keep mold and mildew at bay. Refer to your machine’s use and care manual to determine if your washer has a Tub Clean cycle to clean the washer drum. 

If there is no Tub Clean cycle, use the following Bosch washing machine drum clean instructions:

  1. Sprinkle ⅓ cup of baking soda in the drum of an empty washer and close the door.
  2. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser.
  3. Set a regular wash cycle with hot water and allow it to run to completion.
  4. Break up stubborn odor and stains by running a second wash cycle with 2 cups of bleach in the bleach dispenser.
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Tips to Prevent Washer Odor

While a clean gasket and drum should dispel any odor, regular cleanings are the best way to prevent its return.

Here are some additional tips to avoid bad washer smells:

  • Clean the washer drum on a monthly basis. Bosch recommends Affresh as the best washing machine cleaner for front loader models.
  • Always use HE detergent in an HE washer. Consult the package directions to avoid using too much or too little.
  • Wipe down the gasket after each load of laundry.
  • Remove washed clothing as soon as possible to reduce excess moisture in the washer drum.
  • Leave the washer door open when not in use to air dry lingering moisture.

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